Mobile phones made our lives easier and better. We can make calls to our loved ones. We can text them wherever we are. And we can take pictures of our vacations and travels in any part of the world without worrying of missing out on the opportunity. But not everyone can take beautiful pictures with a smartphone. Here are ways on how to capture good snapshots with your device.

photo shoot

Use the grid

photoThe camera settings of your mobile phone usually have the option of putting a grid line on the screen. If you do not have any idea on what this is for, you have to research on the rule of thirds.

According to this rule, you have to place the object of the picture any other of the sides of the squares except the middle. This is the way professional photographers do it. This strategy gives a good framing on both the foreground and the background of the picture.

Using the grid lines also allows your eyes to decide on the balance and contrast of the colors of the image. The lines are very helpful in making a careful judgment in deciding about the objects placed on the different squares of the grid lines.

We use grid lines because most smartphones do not have a viewfinder, which is an integral part of digital and optical mirror and mirrorless cameras.

How can you set this up? Open your smartphone camera settings, click on Grid, and then switch it on. At first, it would be quite awkward having lines on the screen. But as you become more accustomed to using this setting, you can take pictures better with the gridlines on.

Take the camera closer to its object

Most mobile phones only have digital zoom. The more you utilize this option on your camera, the more pixelated or blurred it will be. You will not get high-quality shots of your object if it is too far from you.

The best way to deal with this is to come closer to the object that you want to take a picture of. By using the original settings of the camera without any zoom, you can have a higher resolution image of the object.

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